A combination of the finest materials put together from the top jewelers in the world. The results? Simply amazing!

Ring is made of:

Fire Opal 14,48ct

Sapphires 6,80ct

Black diamond 1,66ct

Set in 18k yellow gold

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Passionate watch collectors will feel compelled to call the masterpiece their own when their eyes come to rest on the BUBEN&ZORWEG TOURBILLON integrated in the high precision German clock (AGARTOS Tourbillon). A porthole that allows the beholder to catch a glimpse of the “intrinsic values” as they move in perfect harmony with time. The AGARTOS is more than “just” a precious clock: the doors swing magically open to display the otherwise heavily guarded precious timepieces of the passionate collector against a befitting background. Innovative sensor technology grants access exclusively to the owner of the AGARTOS.

Limited Edition 25 Stk.
• Flying minute tourbillon with incorporated B&Z initials, screw balance wheel and 11 jewel bearings
• 8 day German precision movement
• Exquisite, rhodanised dial with sunray-brush and rhodiumplated ring
• 500 hours of BUBEN&ZORWEG “Excellence Control”
• 5 TIME MOVER® watch winders
• “Magic Slide” electro-mechanical opening and closing system
• Aluminium-wood chassis
• Rhodanised metal applications
• High gloss, metallic piano lacquer, interior in finest Italian nappa leather
• State-of-the-art LED lighting technology with fading function
• Optional Carbon Fibre doors
• Finest German craftsmanship

This unique , limited masterpiece is available for sale. For more information or inquiries please contact us today.