Ever wonder what could be the result of the love for panthers, passion for mosaics, inspirational art and the exclusiveness and beauty of a jewelry?

Sicis the Italian Maison of luxury mosaic, wanted to exploit such a significant artistic opportunity and brought the mosaic and more particular, micromosaics inside a jewel. The results? We could not find the words to describe the beauty, the details and the uniqueness of this extraordinary panther piece. Simply is magic!

To understand how this magic is possible, its necessary to find out, as in the flow of history, how events, personalities and techniques developed and met to create artistic paths and wonderful insights. The most advanced prehistoric communities were already able to cut, drill, engrave, and shape their own jewelry. They were forerunners of the goldsmith that will develop over the centuries with different and precious techniques that gave birth to true professionals: beater, gilders, silversmiths, carvers, engravers, and goldsmiths. Among them, it stands another professional less known but extremely noble: The Mosaic Master.

In Papal Rome in the second half of the ‘700, it develops the precious and very particular art of micromosaic, where the mosaic offers to those who admire it a stunning executive perfection: a thumbnail of shards of colored glass, perfectly matched in fragile elegance. The big comes small in a sort of fantastic introjections. As for assimilation, the same image that before covered an entire wall, it becomes subtle embroidery, instead in a grid composition that blends and blurs, and that forces the eye to make a path always different.

Until the XVIIII century the mosaics were realized with the technique of cut enamel, founded on the fragility of the same.

The enamel in the form of compact circular bread was placed on the chisel, a small cutting edge anvil, and then beaten with four hammer blows. In doing so, quite regular fractures were obtained, in turn, that supplied pieces of quadrangular enamel, progressively reduced to the desired shape.

In the second half of the ‘700, with the invention of the spinning of the glass paste, it was possible to create infinitely smaller tesserae. The micromosaic took origin from this incredible technical evolution. The pieces of enamel were melted over a flame and reduced long thin rods. With the use of pliers and files, from chopsticks, the artist drew little pieces which possibly he could modify with a grinding wheel.

After, a further invention came, the “malmischiati”. For the first time, more color tones were mingled, resulting from endless shades of the same card, capable of revealing the most subtle shifts of light. The color palette became so unlimited, up to ten thousand of different shades, and the mosaic could imitate and perfectly replace paintings. Soon, given the sophistication and virtuosity that these new techniques were able to give, the micromosaic was used in the decoration of everyday objects, special accessories and in real jewels its highest expression.

Queens and nobility were soon fascinated by the rare beauty of the precious and unique pieces, so we find, in ancient Europe and Russia, entire collections of micromosaic jewelry, which we can still admire at the Hermitage or in the Vatican Museums. And it is from this ancient tradition that the inspiration of the Masters of micromosaic Atelier Sicis comes.

So after centuries, unexpected artistic paths open up. Beyond memory, beyond time, Sicis reinterprets the micromosaic through the uniqueness of exclusive pieces. The goldsmiths meet the Micromosaic Masters. And the jewel is transformed.

The luster of Gold, the value of the precious stones, Diamonds, Rubies, bond with the micromosaic art, which grew though new and more performing processes developed in the laboratories of research and development of Sicis, allowing every day to see improvements and growth of this ambitious project, creating new collections of unique and inimitable jewels and watches. Over time more and more precious.

In the ongoing search for the perfection and aspiration of the reinventing this art so sophisticated, the stylists and designers of the Maison are now developing new creative projects contaminating the new lines with elements typical of the world of fashion, which make these jewelry and watches of the true icons of style beside the undisputed exclusivity and the preciousness of these objects. So these fascinating pieces of art are now also trendy accessories.

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