Those who appreciate clean functional designs will love the BUBEN&ZORWEG VANTAGE, a masterpiece of manual craftsmanship, which adheres to the “form follows function” principle with innovative, high-tech equipment and high-end, hand-selected materials.

You can choose between 2 versions: i) Carbon or ii) Macassar


Buben&Zorweg Vantage 2


Whether the unit is given a carbon or macassar wood finish, the VANTAGE reveals its unique value at the very first glance or touch. Ten layers of high-gloss varnish that reflect light, black velour that accentuates the impressive presentation of the watches.


  • Collection case for 2 watches, writing utensils and jewellery
  • Interior in finest velour


  • 93 x 357 x 244 mm


For inquiries please contact us today. (Note: Delivery all around Cyprus can be arranged)