An American Legendary Supercar is available for sale. The 2004 Dodge Viper SRT- 10. With just 24,000 miles this unique car is in excellent condition with below specifications:

Engine Type 8.3-liter V10
Displacement cu in (cc) 506.5 cu in. | 8301.5 cc.
Power bhp (kW)  at RPM 505.00 BHP (371.7 KW) @ 5600.00 RPM
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM 535.00 Ft-Lbs (725.5 NM) @ 4100.00 RPM
Redline at RPM 6000 rpm
Brakes ABS, vented disc
Tires 275/35 ZR18 – 345/30 ZR19
Length 175.501 in | 4457.7 mm
Weight 3380 lbs | 1533.2 kg
Acceleration 0-62 mphs 3.7
Top Speed mph (km/h) 192 mph

The Viper SRT-10’s all-aluminum V-10 engine grew from 488 to 505 cubic inches — 8.3 liters — in displacement, yielding 500 horsepower and 525 pounds-feet of torque. These figures almost make the previous V-10 engine’s 450 hp sound puny. A six-speed-manual transmission sends all that force to 19-inch rear tires. The racing-style chassis incorporates a fully independent suspension and massive brakes.

The Viper SRT-10’s fabric roof has a fresh profile, but it doesn’t lose the original’s roadster feel. Using a single center latch, the bifold clamshell top is said to operate easily for open-air driving. The front tires measure 18 inches in diameter, while P345/30ZR19 rear tires are mounted on forged-aluminum wheels that are 13 inches wide. The new-generation Viper SRT-10 stretches 175.6 inches long overall, rides a 98.8-inch wheelbase and stands 47.6 inches tall.

Inside the two-passenger racing-derived cockpit, the driver starts the V-10 engine via a push-button and sits before a 220-mph speedometer and a center-mounted tachometer. Dodge vows that the Viper SRT-10’s interior will fit drivers like a glove, calling it “the automotive equivalent of a jet fighter.”

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