The Edge is a 4-storey Plus Roof Garden, ultra-modern, contemporary building located in Limassol. Each of its four floors hosts a total of 4 Offices, generously spread out to allow for a complete maximization of space, and boasting a unique design, synonymous with innovation and modernity. Its sparkling white, black and white exterior gleams beneath the Mediterranean sun, while the geometric façade gives the entire building an air of sophistication, making it particularly attractive for prestigious companies seeking an inspirational building in which to set up their business!

In one of the most demanding and popular areas of Limassol there is an opportunity for a company to have their offices in a building that combines high technology, luxury and comfort that all employees would love to work with and employers proud to own.

Description on the Materials for the project

Solar Panel/Tank
Granite in All kitchen counter tops
Cooling/Heating Installation of VRV air conditioning Provisions (wall mounted).
Heating: Complete installation of under floor electric heating.
Windows PVC with double glazed glass /Thermal series
Surveillance System Whole building external and internal common areas will be monitoring and viewed from any smart device.
Fire Detectors
Door Intercom Doorbell with intercom camera system in all apartments
Gates Electrical opening parking

General Information

Floors: 4 + Ground floor with Covered Building area breaking down as below:
-171 sqm
-182 sqm
-192 Sqm
-200 sqm
Plot: 576 m2
Covered Parking spaces: 15 Cars
Heating Provision
Cooling Provision
Delivery:18 months
Distance to city: 500 meters
Facilities and areas such as roof gardens, gym, conferences can be adjusted and designed based on the company’s needs and requirements.

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Unique Value Proposition

What makes the Ventus different is the avantgarde design concept which denotes the leading enterprise’s unique value. Ventus Tower is proposed to stand as a leader who inspires admiration, eye catching for anyone lives in or pass through the Limassol city. Being a workplace of 3000sq.m., more than 200 employers can work comfortable. Working in Ventus is an incredible everyday experience.
The 360 degrees unobstructed view of Limassol city and the Mediterranean sea, attracts the users to work more efficient and productive.

Ventus Tower is the leading edge of architectural design and the first superstructure building in Cyprus. The vision is to create a flagship development meaning a significant, high profile development that can play an influential and catalytic role in urban regeneration. Its advantageous visible position at the most high mobility motorway of Limassol city, makes the tower one of the greatest assets for the enterprise which seeks establishment in Cyprus. The idea is motivated by the following key factors.


When it comes to society and human progress, thinking differently is the keystone of the evolution.


With a unique workplace environment and an unobstructed view, the tower is designed to trigger the imagination of its users.


Elegance is not a dispensable luxury but a determining factor for success.


Ventus Tower is designed with bold features to welcome and accommodate the office needs of a
prestigious company pursuing for establishment and promotion in Cyprus, the wider Mediterranean region and Europe. In exploration for the brand identity, the dynamic space character along with the aim for spatial flexibility and structural complexity are the key aspects that generated the stunning Ventus.


In recent years the area is transforming into a new commercial area of Limassol with unique features being crossed by the main motorway which unites the two large roundabouts of the city and is used as connection road of Paphos – Nicosia and Paphos – Larnaca cities. From the high-speed highway and frequency motion there is an unobstructed visual contact of the study area without influences from neighboring developments.


Through research and data interpretation, the parameters of the plot are responded to create a brand in the region. Therefore, is attempted to produce a landmark tower in contrast with the existing data conservatives, with a supra local character which makes it a reference point. The plot which is part of the building it is probably the only one large scale in the region that provides valuable synthetic potential as height growth office spaces which can accommodates up to 300 employees.


The proposal pursues reversal and activation of space through the data interpretation and requirements for the production of a highly original form. The study’s trigger is the changing dynamic activity of the motorway, together with analysis and interpretation of speed flow and movements relationship. The building manages the meaning between observer and visual field with differentiation from conventional geometric forms, unfolding special senses in the experience of space, creating a visual interactive communication with urban environment and passersby.


The tower is formatted and organized into 9 levels of 4550 m2 total growth, consisting of the basement which intends to function as parking and storage space, the ground floor as reception, control and information, the mezzanine, 5 levels of office facilities, and the sky deck including a unique open air meetings area, screenings and gathering with plenty background view of the city and the sea. All the mechanical installations and water tank are located in the basement level.
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