The Prestigious Seafront Apartments  are currently being developed only a few metres from the crystal clear blue waters of the warm Mediterranean Sea. Located in Limassol, it offers much more than just an iconic silhouette on the City’s skyline.

Project is located in a quiet, picturesque area, and is only 30 meters away from the coastline.

This one of a kind project brings the exclusive beachfront living to a whole new level. With an innovative design and stunning architecture it establishes the construction as the most desired location.

Designed by the world famous and recognized Architect Ricardo Bofill making this unique project even more special and desirable. An upscale apartment complex on the Mediterranean shore that may rightfully become a new symbol of Limassol thanks to its prime location and bold architectural design. Spacious terraces and verandas on each of the 12 floors shape an exceptional silhouette while floor-to-ceiling windows make it airy, the dynamic volume creates an effect of four-directional movement and a transparent central axis visually splits the apartment complex into two separate buildings.

The residence has direct access to the beach as well as a SPA center, a swimming pool and its own fitness center. Smart design solutions, floor-to-ceiling windows and cascading terraces integrate the sea view breathing life into the interior setting.

On top of beachfront living, you will enjoy spacious, sunlit apartments offering 360-degree view from each room.

  • SunGuard HP silver 43/31
  • Low-temperature high-efficiency Heat pump system for underfloor heating by Daikin manufacturer.
  • VRF(Variable Refrigerant Flow) and VRT(Variable Refrigerant Temperature) systems for cooling by Daikin manufacturer for climate controlling. The combination of controlling at the same time flow and temperature of the refrigerant creates more energy saving compared to the simple VRF system.
  • Photovoltaic systems for common electrical consumption and lighting
  • High-efficiency thermal insulation materials
  • Rockwool thermal insulation materials (high-efficiency stone wool) 
  • A photovoltaic system for electricity production
  • Heat pumps to reduce CO2 emissions
  • The existing green area with mature eucalyptus trees will be kept at the territory for the local nature conservation as the species are considered as “moderate” invasive. The public area and part of the beach in front of the building will kept and maintained to save and protect the local flora and fauna avoiding any damages to the environment
  • The developer considers accessibility as a subject of a high importance, as the lack of the infrastructure for disabled individuals on the island was pointed out by the project team during the market research. Therefore, the project takes special care and possesses access ramps, accessible restrooms, parking spaces and a certain planning arrangement of such facilities to guarantee the accessibility and comfort of the residents and guests with disabilities.


The project incorporates the latest technology and most innovative Home Automation systems from LUTRON (USA), the “Homeworks-QS”. The system is smart and interactive allowing the client to have an access through mobile devices with the use of a very intuitive and simple app. It can be integrated to voice commands from Alexa and Google assistant, and can be customized directly by the client eliminating the need of using specialized engineers to make changes in the programs.

The system is designed to control lights, motorized shades, cooling and heating units. It allows preset scenarios, timers and other functions. It is designed to use motion and occupancy sensors so as to save energy.  It can also be expanded (optional) to incorporate in-wall Automation Touch-panels, Multiroom Music Systems, High Definition Video Distribution Systems and Home Cinema Systems. The user controls all the systems from elegant in-wall button panels and thermostats as well as tablets and mobile phones.

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