Cyprus comes 5th in safest countries in the world

Cyprus is among the top 5 safest countries in the world for 2015 to spend summer holidays.  This is according […]

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Cyprus Residence permit – How to Get one

Below you will find a detailed description of what is needed and how to get a Cyprus Residence permit. If […]

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Cypriot Passport / EU Citizenship – Citizenship for Investors – EU Citizenship for Cyprus

Obtaining a Cypriot Passport

Non-Cypriot citizens may apply for the acquisition of a Cypriot Passport / EU Citizenship through the purchase […]

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Bugatti Chiron revealed at Geneva 2016: the world has a new fastest production car

Consider the supercar goalposts moved. This is the new Bugatti Chiron, the world’s fastest, most powerful production car yet.
The successor […]

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The 13 – The world’s most luxurious hotel

Located in the gambling mecca of Macau, in southern China, The 13 is one of the most expensive hotels ever […]

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