Spectre.bz would like to make your buying experience as smooth and at the same time as safe as possible. In order to achieve that would like to raise the below points:

  • When feasible inspect in person or with an agent of your trust the item interested to purchase. If you buying a car you could inspect the car with a mechanic of your trust.
  • Never pay for goods in advance. Reputable dealers will request payment on delivery or use established escrow systems. Down payments of small amounts is reasonable in order to reserve an item that more potential buyers are interested at the same time.
  • Create and sign a written contract before transactions are made.
  • In cases where related paperwork is needed for the purchase of an item be aware and careful that paperwork is original and not falsified.
  • Spectre.bz although filters and carefully chooses dealers and sellers does not work as a trustee service. We do not certify any dealers or private sellers.
  • Any transaction arranged and completed between sellers and buyers is the responsibility of the two parties to complete. Spectre.bz does not take any responsibility for and of the transactions between sellers and buyers
  • Spectre.bz would never contact you by mail to ask you for your account details or password. In case that you notice something that looks suspicious please contact us at info@spectre.bz